More Than Half of the Multivitamin Supplements Tested Fall Short of Their Claims

Saturday, March 6, 2010 8:14:01 PM America/New_York

Those of us who take a multivitamin "just to be sure", according to an ABC News story, "may have new reasons to doubt what's inside that pill or capsule."  A report by in 2007 "revealed that more than half of the multivitamins tested did not contain what the label claimed: Either the nutrient levels fell short or exceeded what was safe." Researchers randomly selected 21 multivitamins off the shelf and "only 10 met the stated claims on the label or satisfied other quality standards."  In 2009, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on  similar research that showed "a 'high potency' iron supplement contained less than half the amount claim. Of 23 top-selling vitamin C pills, one provided less than half the amount promised; the suggested dosages of some others were beyond recommended safe levels. Of 10 vitamin A supplements, one provided twice its stated amount, raising concern about toxic side effects."

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CNN Special: Made in China. Part 1.

Friday, March 5, 2010 10:35:05 AM America/New_York

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China Waited Months to Alert Public of Melamine Contamination

Friday, January 29, 2010 9:38:41 PM America/New_York

The New York Times reported that Chinese officials knew milk was contaminated and failed to alert the public months before the melamine scandal broke. According to the NY Times article, "Melamine has often been used in China as a cheap additive to cheat on quality tests, because its nitrogen content can falsely inflate protein scores." A few weeks prior to this story, China arrested three other people selling melamine contaminated milk powder. Given the unwillingness of the Chinese to communicate these health dangers to the public -- its only natural to question the products we consume that come from China.

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