In 2007,NPR reported that "lead-contaminated multivitamins showed up on the shelves of U.S. retailers" and "vitamin A from China contaminated with dangerous bacteria nearly ended up in European baby food".The previous year, cough syrup contaminated with diethylene glycol (main ingredient of some anti-freeze) killed and sickened thousands in Panama. According to the New York Times, this showed "how China’s safety regulations have lagged behind its growing role as low-cost supplier to the world."  As we witnessed the health of consumers being placed in the hands of totalitarians and "low-cost suppliers", we felt the need to take action. As a nutrition company built on serving health professionals and their patients, we wanted to create a high quality multivitamin multi-mineral supplement consumers could trust. It's taken two years to get to where we can actually make a China Free guarantee.  Some vendors asked why we were asking about China. "No other companies were." Given the quality issues that emerged from China during this time, we knew our customers wouldn’t accept a multivitamin that wasn’t China free.